Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Prepping for The Plan

A friend of mine told me about a Dr. Oz episode featuring a women who talked about how its the food we eat that is making us fat not the calories. After some googling I found out that it's called "The Lyn-Genet Plan" .

There is a lot of material on the Lyn-Genet Plan website, however, I couldn't figure out where to start so I decided to read the book first.  I bought  "The Plan: Eliminate the Surprising "Healthy" Foods That Are Making You Fat--and Lose Weight Fast" by Lyn-Genet Recitas and I was excited to start, however, I quickly realized that I was going to have to do some tests on myself along with some prep work.

There are two tests you need to do on yourself, Thyroid and Yeast.  The Thyroid test takes a few days while the yeast test you can do in two.

To test your Thyroid you take your temperature under the arm every morning for three days.  If your temperature is consistently 97 degrees or lower then, according to The Plan, your thyroid is under-active.  To test for yeast you eat three specific foods in one day and then when you wake the next morning you can tell if yeast is an issue for you.  The foods are chocolate, balsamic vinegar and a yeasty beer/wine.

I tested positive for an under-active thyroid and yeast. My temperature was 96.5.  The book mentions that for some people this temperature wont inhibit weight loss so I decided to stay on the regular menu, but with a  Kelp supplement.

List Thyroid Recommendations:
  • Kelp - specifically Norwegian kelp. 
  • Main Coast Sea Seasoing - I didn't find this in either Safeway/Whole Foods by me.
  • B12 supplements
  • Avoid specific foods
  • Keep warm 
I recommend reading  more on the Thyroid on the Lyn-Genet site.

Since I woke up with a white tongue, which was cool to see, I bought a probiotic at Whole Foods. The recommended dosage is between 30-50 billion, taken for 7 days before you start the Plan

There are two pieces of equipment you should get if you don't already have them.  A digital scale to weight yourself and a basal body temp thermometer. Lyn-Genet recommends two scales on the website under Product Recommendations, however, I already have one I LOVE - HealthOMeter 349KLX Digital Medical Scale.  I bought it in 2011 after researching them online and its great. The ones recommended by Lyn-Genet are less expensive and probably work just as well.

There are very few supplement recommendations in the book.  Other than the ones listed above its also recommended that you take a Liver detoxifer/dandelion tea and MSM.  I decided to take both.

So before I started The Plan I had to do seven days of probiotics, buy groceries and cook some items in advanced.  You can find shopping list and food prep on the Lyn-Genet website (look under tips for book readers) and on the links on the side of this blog.

If you don't want to make your own flax granola then you can buy  Fruit & Berry Flax Granola at Columbia Country Bread.  While I am writing about Columbia Country Bread I want to mention that my profile image was inspired by an image they have on their website. 


amyality said...

I have been on "The Plan" for a month and have lost 11 pounds without much exercise. Love! I have no thyroid or yeast trouble and am only doing the Bcomplex and da da da dandilion tea. I've had plenty of organic wine and a few cheat dinners.

Janae Johnson said...

I just purchased the book and am really happy to have found your blog!

planner said...

I got the book and there is a lot to do to get ready. I watched WEB Mom, and she gave good hints about product purchase. I bought at Trader Joes and Amazon.
I have made my granola, Orange oil and carrot-ginger soup.
I'm preparing this so when I come back from my convention I'll be ready for my 3 day cleanse and can shop for the other stuff that I can't through in the freezer or keep in the cupboard.
I feel there are a lot of hole or questions and hopefully on this blog I'll be able to ask them and get feed back.
ok away we go...............

Lauren Kallareou said...

Congrats! Was there anything you were surprised you were reactive to?

Lisa Beals said...

Just starting....does the flax granola have to be plain to start with?

Patti Jasper said...

I have the book, but there is no shopping list. went to your site but again no shopping list. Where can I find this, or do I have to read the week's meals and record everything to purchase? Thank you